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Diving in Switzerland, meaning in our lakes and rivers, is something quite different from the warm waters around the Maldives, where you can comfortably go to the dive site with light gear and little lead weight. Diving in Switzerland means that with 30kg and more equipment in a dry suit or at least thick wet suit on foot you have to cover a difficult way to the entry point and then dive in cold water with sometimes little visibility.

Diving in Switzerland also means getting to know a fascinating underwater world with impressive walls. It's more about diving than watching the fish. However, we must not forget that we also have fish. The diver sees freshwater crabs and mussels, burbots and whitefish, up to the imposing pike, the barracudas in no way lag behind and even giant catfish three meters long, which can freeze the blood in your veins.

Divers also face other challenges, such as cold or altitude, which have a massive impact on dive planning.