esthis tauchgang

The dive center is managed by our own Maayafushi Dive Center. Since many years have passed since our visit in 1998, it makes no sense to list the names of the dive guides. According to the nine pictures, the Divecenter was renovated and rebuilt.

The northern Ari-Atill is known for relatively frequent sightings of grey reef sharks (at least during our visit you could see them often). Some quite demanding current dives were done (which I mean against the currents) which is of course too much for one or the other. I sometimes had the feeling that the compressed air was not filtered well, which can lead to severe headaches.

Diving was mainly in the northern Ari-Atoll within a radius of 45 dhoni minutes. I could describe some of the dive sites with my logbook. If someone has more detailed sketches of dive sites, I would be grateful.

  1.  Maaya Thila

  2. Halaveli Wrack

  3. Sven's Faru

  4. Berucolo Thila

  5. Fesdhoo Faru

  6. Feshdoo Top

  7. Fesdu Wreck

  8. Little Faru

  9. Dominick Thila

  10. Kandolhudhoo Thila

  11. Maalhoss Thila

  12. Villingili Faru

  13. Orimas Thila

  14. Homolla Faru

  15. Homolla Thila

  16. Donkalo Thila

  17. Fish Head

  18. Andy Faru

  19. Himandu Thila

  20. Himandu Faru

  21. Fesdhoo Mama

  22. Dee-Gee Reef

  23. Coral Garden

  24. Maayafushi Housereef

maaya map