Our pets are an important part of our lives. It started in 1992 with our first dog - a West Highland White Terrier - named Dana. She was an adorable dog and, as befits for Terriers, she was a bit stubborn. Unfortunately, she became ill at the beginning of 2004 and had epileptic seizures. On 24 May 2004, when a large tumour appeared, we decided to release her from her suffering.

In 1993 Esthi rescued a cat from a farm, which then - better known as' Kim' - lived with us from now on. It was a beautiful gray tiger and very affectionate. A few months after we moved into our house, his kidneys began to fail and he died at the age of 12 too early.

Our second cat' Chicco' we inherited from my mother. He's the big friend of our two boys and he just put up with almost everything. Needless to say, he is also very sweet and affectionate. When we took him over, he was still very shy, but now he has found his self-confidence again and makes a lot of attention to himself.

porzellan barsoi kleinWhen' Dana' died it had become very empty and we decided to build a new four-legged friend as soon as possible. My wife has always been into Russian greyhounds. The starting point was or rather is a beautiful porcelain figure of the grandmother, that she always wanted to touch and stroke as a two-year-old child. Now this child wish should come true with Jurij, who is actually called Kuskaya's Don Delayo. But I found that' Yuriy' was clearly more suited to him. In 2005, after moving into our house, the breeder brought her bitch' Calima' to us. There are separate pages dedicated to the two borzoi.